Risk management for sound Corporate governance

Implementing a methodology where governance is based on risk assessment

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We are living in a world of changes and challenges that occur much faster than we anticipated or projected. The influence on business is clear and as Executives, we must scrutinize the impacts of these changes in a business environment where Risk management is becoming of paramount importance.


Organisations should establish a total risk profile based on a psychological, subjective evaluation of phenomena influencing governance to institute a risk management tool for a governance profile.



Risk management

Contrary to dodging risk assessment or risk management and the negative attitude towards risk, Risk management is an immeasurable aid to management. A well developed and in-depth analysis of a risk profile contribute to Financial gain and / or Social and Psychological benefits to an organisation


Legal risk assessment

Question: What is the organisation’s risk assessment profile regarding non-compliance findings in a legal audit? More specifically, in the workplace towards OSH Act, Environmental legislation and Labour legislation?

Environmental management

Question: Does the environmental governance processes shape evaluation of outcomes by stakeholders in the organisation?

OHS management

Question: Does the organisation’s OHS management (in line with legislation and international norms) through system implementation, reduce risk? Not just operationally but also by organisation-level by an in-depth risk analysis?


Quality management

Customer satisfaction and quality are synonymous. By implementing ISO standards within the organisation, loyal customers and a sustainable business will result.


Social accountability management

Executives have a responsibility to develop stakeholders ion a sustainable manner and not just to smooth their conscience. Developing a Social Accountability Programme not only for external stakeholders (which is a priority outside the organisation) but internal stakeholders – the organisations greatest asset.


Organisations must strive diligently to offer accredited, responsive and quality-assured training programmes that meet technical competencies and socio-economic needs.

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Establishing A Total Risk Profile.
Improving Governance.

Monitoring, interpretation of monitoring results and action to mitigate any abnormalities are the core of any business.

A cumulative risk profile must be developed and management goals must be set to reduce the risk.

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By improving management performance, Diligent Consulting streamlines your business and forms a foundation based on risk assessment compliant to corporate governance.

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The aim of this report is to establish a practical, measurable methodology for governance based on risk assessment to improve governance at an organisation. The higher the risk, the lower the governance.

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