How To Use The Calculator

Use our betting calculator that is mobile-friendly. Enter the specifics of your wager and your winnings will be immediately stated by our calculator. The calculator is divided into three chief sections.
Bet Options
Bet Type — The betting calculator supports over 15 kinds of bets, including full pay stakes, with, and without singles.Selections — The number of teams, horses or individuals that you need to wager on.Stake — The amount of money that you are putting on the bet.Odds Format — Select from fractions, decimals or American for the way you would like the odds to become represented.Each Way — If you’re betting every way, turn this on. View our guide to each way bets to learn more about how these bets work.Rule 4 — If another horse in the race withdraws, your odds, and so winnings will most likely be adjusted.
Bet Odds
# — This is. It cannot be adjusted.Outcome — Establish how the choice fails. Select from one of these; dropped, winner, put, dead heat or emptiness / non-runner. Dead Heat Outcome — you’ll win a percentage of your wager When a photo is unable to ascertain the winner of a race. Specify the number of places and the number of selections that tied.Odds — Input the odds that are supplied for the outcome to occur.Place Opportunities — If gambling each way, input the decrease applied to the chances for selections that place.Rule 4 — If another horse in the race withdraws, enter the reduction made to the odds.
Bet Totals
Total Stake — The amount of all bets given in the calculatorTotal Yield — The sum of the money that will be returned out of the bookmakerTotal Gain — The sum of profit made from the betIf you have any comments or suggestions concerning how this calculator could be improved, please email It is currently in beta, and winnings should be used for illustrative purposes only.

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