The Oakland Athletics dont get to go home yet, but they will be close in San Francisco over the following two days. The Athletics have not played a game at home since August 4th from the Cardinals. The ending is in sight, although its been a lengthy road trip for the Athletics. Theyll welcome the Houston Astros to get another series against the New York Yankees and a tough four-game series at home.
This is a two matches for the As than Yankees and Astros, so they have to get the most out of it against a team like the Giants. With that said, they dont have a simple matchup tonight against Madison Bumgarner.
The Athletics enter San Francisco 1.5 games back from the postseason. Things are tight at the American League, therefore there isnt anyone behind them now. The Red Sox dropped again helping to Athletics some out. Theyre slowly away, although the Wild Card Game is a race involving the Twins, Rays, and As. After an Indians win last night, the Tribe moved to 1st of the AL Central.
They need to hold on now, although their recovery is finished. Once down by about ten matches, the Indians have reverted right back to take the lead. They were the favorites of this branch and theyve been playing like it. In other words, the loser of the AL Central has a fantastic chance of still going to the postseason having to play at the play-in match.
Brett Anderson will Find the call from Madison Bumgarner of the Giants for the Athletics tonight. Bumgarner ended up staying in San Francisco. The Giants held him for a run in a wildcard and it looked like a lock he was likely to be hurling elsewhere, although the rumors were rampant. Head below for our complimentary Athletics vs. Giants pick.
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The Giants knew that their odds of getting to the postseason were just not a lock by any way despite retaining Bumgarner. The team was playing well at the deadline and place themselves in a position to create a run in the postseason, but unless the front office has been delusional, its no guarantee they play baseball in October. I will say that if I had been a team visiting the postseason, I am trusting the Giants do not make it. At knowing how to succeed in October, they have plenty of experience.
Bumgarner is not a guy Id want to face in a circumstance. As he held the Phillies to only 1 hit into a 5-0 win, Hes coming off a performance. Bumgarner retains a 3.08 ERA and 0.98 WHIP in the house in San Francisco. He has also been notable against the Athletics in the past, as theyre hitting only .186 against him.
Conversely, Anderson has been hammered to get a .356 batting average and .406 OBP from the Giants. There are five hitters in their lineup that are hitting better than .300 against Anderson. Evan Longoria has been warming up, hitting.
Helping the Giants out this season has been their bullpen. In a year which has witnessed a lot of figures around the downswing, the Giants pen has been strong with a 3.70 ERA to get 3rd in the significant leagues. Thats one reason. Theyve always acknowledged a strong bullpen is essential if you would like to move anywhere. Unexpectedly, the Athletics bullpen possess a 4.04 ERA. I am about the Giants to start up this two-game show.

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