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Users expect to be able to resize widgets horizontally and vertically, so your widget should meet these expectations unless it has a very good reason not to. This means your layout needs to be able to cope with however the user chooses to resize your widget. Your widget needs to be flexible enough to handle all the different homescreen grids it may encounter. The only major difference is that widget layouts are based on RemoteViews, so you can only use layouts and views that RemoteViews supports. If you want the user to be able to modify your widget, then you’ll need to create a configuration Activity. This Activity will launch automatically when the user creates an instance of your widget.

It is an immutable law that the freeware will always sound like a better option so let us check out all the features and options the free version has to offer. Immediately as you open up the app, you will find simplistic skins which only display plain white text featuring a transparent background. The app also changes the size of the dates and clock, and this will include the lowercase and uppercase modes so that it matches the look of the home screen right away.

How To Add Google Calendar To Slack

Also, it allows you to share your events with people who do not use the app. Overall, the app is quite simple and has an intuitive interface. CalenGoo is another reliable Android calendar app that is not new.

  • Choose one and Google will offer a list of options.
  • Alternatively, clicking the green plus (+) icon in the top-left of a widget adds it to the bottom of the list.
  • It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes .
  • When that didn’t work, I switched from Weather app that came with the installation and went for my installed paid version of weather channel.

Do keep in mind that the process for adding or removing widgets varies slightly from one Android skin to another but the main steps remain the same. Now that you’ve successfully added a widget to the home screen, you can make some changes to its settings by tapping on the widget. This options isn’t available on all widgets, as not all widgets support customization. This is another best widget you can get for Calendar. It consists of two setups so you can GO Calendar Widget update apk either view the month as a whole or view the months as agenda type. You can customize almost every bit of the widget from colors to the background.

Jorte Calendar

The Storage permission is needed only for exporting or importing events from .ics files. Contains a resizable 4×4 widget where you can customize the color of the text, as well as the alpha and the color of the background. Below we set the red color for the background of a date picker. background attribute is used to set the background of a date picker.

Touch and hold on the widget and drop it on the space you allocated on the home screen. So if you want some customization with the calendar you can download this widget. I recommend you give this a try if you want a customizable Calendar Widget For Android.