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gives users the ability to create social stories and videos. These stories help users with step-by-step instructions utilizing stories and text. This application can help those with cognitive disabilities navigate through daily living skills like brushing their teeth, visiting the dentist and waiting in line. In addition to creating stories, this app can help these users develop and utilize their writing skills. Around the age of one, I contracted bacterial meningitis. I’ve always embraced my disability and taken pride in knowing that I was different than my peers.

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  • If you and your friends use TikTok to make videos frequently, you’ll see a ton of mileage from this app.

When you slide your finger across each element of the screen, TalkBack will tell you what it is. When you find the button or other interactive element you want, you can double-click anywhere on the screen to activate it.

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Users can make their very own videos with music as well as visual designs like filters and effects. They don’t have to open up the computer, transfer the videos and activate a video editing software. Using a video editing software from computers may have complete tools but it may take too much time to finish and post an edited video. Video Star skips that long process and makes it more accessible for less experienced users and even children. The main page will ask the user to click the advertisement first from the sponsored partner before taking selfies. Then the mobile device camera activates to capture any footage. Users can Android Accessibility Suite for Android add effects and filters once they are done recording whatever they want to share.

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Once the app is downloaded, it can be activated within the ‘accessibility’ menu on your device. Allowing you to turn on a series of features made for anyone. Use this resize on-screen menu to lock your phone, control volume and brightness, take screenshots, and more. Select items on your screen and hear them read aloud. Get spoken feedback, control your device with gestures, and type with the onscreen braille keyboard.

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We need to create a Java Key Store file that contains our signing information. In generating a JKS for our app, we’re actually creating a private key on our computer. This private key is protected by a password that we set. For F-Droid, there will be some easier tools for handling this. F-Droid will likely be able to support APKs with the same package name but with multiple signing keys. By default, the Android Sign Step uses jarsinger to sign your Android app. If you wish to use apksigner to sign your project, then you have to first set the Enables apksigner input to true and leave the APK Signature Scheme input on automatic.