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Develop customized machine learning models for Tinder centered on your preference that is historical using.

You can find three components for this:

  1. A function to create a database which records every thing in regards to the pages you have liked and disliked.
  2. A function to teach a model to your database.
  3. A function to make use of the trained model to immediately like and dislike brand new pages.

The final layer of a CNN trained for facial classification may be used as an attribute set which defines a person’s face. It simply therefore occurs that this function set is associated with facial attractiveness.

tindetheus let’s a database is built by you in line with the pages you like and dislike. Then you can train a category model to your database. The model training first runs on the MTCNN to identify and box the real faces in your database. Then a facenet model is operate on the faces to extract the embeddings (final layer associated with CNN). a logistic regression model is then fit into the embeddings. The logistic regression model is conserved, and also this procedures is duplicated in automation to immediately like and dislike pages predicated on your historic choice.

This website post possesses brief description of just how tindetheus works.

For an even more step-by-step description of how and just why this works see https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.04347

build a database by liking and disliking pages on Tinder. The database contains all of the profile information being a numpy array, although the profile pictures are conserved in a various folder.

by standard tindetheus begins by having a 5 mile radius, you could specify a search distance by indicating –distance. The aforementioned instance is always to focus on a 20 mile search radius. It is essential to keep in mind that once you come to an end of nearby users, tindethesus shall ask you to answer if you wish to increase the search distance by 5 kilometers.

Utilize machine understanding how to develop a individualized style of whom you like and dislike based in your database. The greater amount of profiles you have browsed, the greater your model will be.

Make use of your individualized model to automatically like and dislike pages. The pages that you’ve immediately liked and disliked are saved in al_database. By standard this can begin with a 5 mile search radius, which increases by 5 kilometers before you’ve utilized 100 loves. The default can be changed by you search radius simply by using

which may begin with a 20 mile search radius.

Installation and having started

Installation and starting guide now stored in GETTING_STARTED.md

It’s simple to keep all standard optional parameters in your environment variables! What this means is you are able to set your beginning distance, amount of likes, and image_batch size without manually specifying the options each and every time. It is a good example .env file:

Using the validate function on a various dataset

At the time of Variation 0.4.0, tindetheus now includes a validate function. This validate functions applies your personally trained tinder model on a set that is external of. When there is a face when you look at the image, the model will anticipate whether you are going to like or dislike this face. The outcome are conserved in validation.csv. To learn more in regards to the validate function read this.

Dataset available upon demand

The dataset utilized to generate this ongoing tasks are available upon demand. Please fill out this type to request usage of the info.

All modifications now kept in CHANGELOG.md

tindetheus utilizes the next source that is open:

Tindetheus is a mix of Tinder (the most popular online dating application) in addition to Greek Titans: Prometheus and Epimetheus. Prometheus signifies “forethought,” while their sibling Epimetheus denotes “afterthought”. In synergy they provide to boost your Tinder experience.

Epimetheus produces a database from all the pages you review on Tinder.

Prometheus learns from your own preferences that are historical immediately like brand new Tinder pages.


Develop customized machine learning models for Tinder making use of Python