This was a great hub with interesting and helpful tips who are in their 40s and want a second shot for romance since i’ll be 40 next year. Voted <a href="">lds singles coupon</a> up!

Richard Bivins

5 years ago from Charleston, SC

Many Thanks Sondra. We experiment a little in the keeping of the image that is first the initial image is obviously a created for Pinterest image that makes it ideal for pinning and sharing on other internet sites, even though you’re maybe not doing the sharing. We attempt to put an image or something like that hand and hand with a text module to keep it from searching a long time to learn. Polls and videos are added when they add value towards the content.

Sondra Rochelle

5 years ago from United States Of America

I love the design of the article plus the means you produced this content. It seems therefore. clean! I’m able to see i have to do a little ongoing focus on mine!

Richard Bivins

five years ago from Charleston, SC

Suzanne, you’re right in regards to the quality of conversation you could have with individuals on Facebook or even worse, Craigslist. Web sites like Match and charge that is eHarmony pretty hefty cost to be a part but at the least the charge weeds out the less severe types. Funny too just how get lines which may been employed by within our teens that are late very early 20’s are just corny and absurd now.

Day Suzanne

5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Some really helpful points here. I’ve tried joining some singles groups on Facebook, however they are high in unfortunate men that are old appear to desire the right now person. Tired of people wanting to have a discussion across the relative lines of “We’m a football player, want to get together?” time for you to glance at quality options, like eHarmony or something. Voted +d and useful on WTH?

Richard Bivins

5 years ago from Charleston, SC

Many thanks Colleen.. I attempted to incorporate from my experiences that are own.

Colleen Swan

five years ago from County Durham

Some advice that is good. Whenever one is looking, other peoples experience is definitely helpful.


6 years back from Canada

great hub, voted up.

Richard Bivins

7 years ago from Charleston, SC

Many thanks Billy but become reasonable, i am not really a newcomer only at HP. This really is a account that is new certain but i’m also writing beneath the pen of LiveWithRichard. After into the actions of jimmythejock, We have chose to take to an entirely new profile to my luck making sure that I am able to examine a certain niche. Working together with 4 several years of collective knowledge will be able to skyrocket this profile past my initial profile in a short time.

Bill Holland

7 years back from Olympia, WA

A pleasing shock from a newcomer only at HP. a well-constructed and hub that is well-written. Nice work, Richard. In terms of dating over 40, been here, done that, and discovered the love of my entire life in the act. Great tips!

Richard Bivins

7 years back from Charleston, SC

Many thanks nichellewebster. I do believe they can fit perfectly too.

Nichelle Webster

7 years back from Silicon Valley

The pictures are on-point and funny. They are loved by me.

Richard Bivins

7 years back from Charleston, SC

Thank you jabelufiroz for the check out as well as the remark.


7 years back from Asia

Great article on dating over 40. Voted up.

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