With this Evil Nun 2 Mini game Apk you can experience the best in mini game play. There are some tricks and methods you can play the mini game well and correctly. Unofficial Tutorial ” Tutorial for Evil Nun 2 Mini game” application complies with the United States copyright law “fair use.” 2.

Sister Madeline doesn’t give up easily, so make sure you use all the resources you can find to escape from evil in this second installment of the game. We already know you are a lover of Keplerians horror games, so stop waiting right now and start playing one of the best horror games you will ever play in your life. If you ever wanted to enjoy a big Evil Nun update, this will now be your new favourite horror game for sure.

Evil Nun 2 : Stealth Scary Escape Game Adventure Android Game Description:

2nd Run Download Evil Nun 2 APK for Android is a variation of the main campaign that adds additional content to frame the second playthrough as occurring concurrently with the first playthrough. For example, the protagonist in 2nd Run will enter the police station from a different entrance and find several doors already unlocked by the protagonist from the first playthrough. Completing 2nd Run is also required to experience the true ending of the main campaign. Selecting “New Game” scenario for the selected character allows players to start with the default item loadout with items they had playing the game for the first time.

  • Village is brilliant at making you feel safe for just a few scant moments, before pulling it away in favour of a horrific new threat.
  • There are no definitive dates set for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta thus far.
  • The setup, then, would seem to be that Link and Zelda set off on a new journey after Breath of the Wild, as they promised to do in the epilogue.
  • You will need to enable modding in the Xbox app by clicking the “Enable Mods” button shown below.

I prowl through the building, peeking through doorways and fawning at the gorgeous paintings that adorn the walls. How tall is she exactly, is she actually just wearing absurdly large heels? These all need answers, and hopefully the full game will provide them.


With only a sword, gun, and a jetpack as basic equipment, players will traverse the open world — either by foot, in vehicles, or ships in space — and assemble a ragtag crew in a fight for freedom. Getting yourself out of the haunted school unscathed is hard enough, but the game goes on to add a twist that makes things even more challenging. The school’s laundry room hides a mystery in the form of children. Just like you, the children are also trapped within the confines of the school. But, since they are entirely helpless, it is up to you to get them out. To do this, you will have to look out for and pay close attention to secret puzzles that will appear in the game.